• Participation in the collective exhibition “The Bio-Logical Evolution of Art” at Como Business Center – Italy Pavillion- Expo Milan 2015.
  • Participation in the Design Festival “Designers Open” at Lipsia (Germany) at the Fair Center and the Grassi Applied Arts Museum.
  • Weekly radiophone live interview in the section “Out of tune morning” presented by Alessandra Magnacco.
  • Interview with NEWS-EVENTICOMO- Lario Style: “Erika Trojer. The art of recycling on Lake Como”.
  • Article by Lorenzo Morandotti on the Corriere di Como- Section Lario and Art.
  • Participation in the art exhibition about re-use at the Show Room Riva 1920 in Cantù.
  • Participation in the exhibition “VOYAGE-CONTEMPORARY ART” in Milan.
  • Participation in the exhibition “ARTEFUSE” at the Clen Gallery in Chelsea (New York)
  • Article by Stefania Briccola in the Provincia newspaper “In Cernobbio there is the Queen of Recycling- Thanks to the wastes I create works of art”.
  •  Interview and article online on


  • Participation in the exhibition “DERIVES, EXPRESSIONS OF ES” at the Plaumann Art Gallery in Milan.
  • Sponsorship and realization of the work of art “The Giant Owl” with waste materials at the Comprehensive School Como-Borgovico- Secondary School Foscolo.
  • Participation in the exhibition “ENERGY” at the Pardes Art Gallery in Milan/Venice.
  • Show of some works in Palermo at the Gallery Amorlab.
  • Restoration of an old ruin transformed into a modern house in Torno (Como), then published in prestigious magazines ELLE DÉCOR online and QUIN 09.


  • Participation in the international Fair “ECOMONDO” in Rimini through Waste Recyling S.p.a.
  • Show of works made with bullet shells in the exhibition “PARALLEL VISION” at the Clen Gallery in Chelsea (New York).
  • Participation, as a volunteer, in “Dynamo Camp”, a laboratory of re-creative therapy, unique in Italy, that freely hosts children and teenagers aged 6-17 affected by severe and chronic pathologies. 
  •  Interview organized by Cernobbio Townhall for the project “RE:SEED. The green uprising”.
  • Participation in the Milan “fuorisalone” at Dotti Interiors Design.
  • Article on Milan Post Online curated by Maria Cristina Lani.
  • Show of works in the exhibition in the palace Villa Litta- Lainate (Milan) in occasion of the Orticolario Event.


  •  Participation in the event “At the research of the hidden talent” by Studio40 in Bologna.
  • Participation in the event “COUNTDOWN-UPCYCLED EDITION” in Bolzano.
  • Participation in the exhibition “EXPLOSION” by Giovanni Lunardi in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Belluno).


  • Article in the magazine AK ADLIGE KLEIN 5.


  • Participation in the fund raising event for Matteo Marzotto’s Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation.
  • Participation in Fair “LUXURY ON THE LAKE” of Villa Erba in Cernobbio (Como).


  •  Personal Exhibition “TRASH ART” at the Ambassade du Tourisme of saint Tropez (France).
  • Participation in the fair “LUXURY ON THE LAKE” of Villa Erba in Cernobbio (Como).


  • Project of the Olmetto invites to the fair of interior decorations “PROPOSTE” in Cernobbio (Como).
  •  Personal Exhibition “TIMELESS” at the Spazio Forno in Cernobbio (Como).
  • Interview by Cristina Gambetti for the section “WATCH THE WASTE” of Striscia la Notizia- Channel 5.


  • Participation in the Furniture Salon in Milan at the atelier Domo Adami.
  • Restoration of and old barn which was made habitable in Alto Adige (Italy), published in the prestigious magazine AD.


  • Participation in the collective exhibition “FROM WHITE TO BLACK” at the Barbara Mahler UBS Gallery, Lugano (Switzerland).
  • Project of the Olmetto Invites to the Fair of interior decorations “PROPOSTE” in Cernobbio (Como).
  • Winner of the II prize in the Photography Competition organized by the Lombardy Region in collaboration with the GREEM association of Milan.


  • Personal Exhibition “COURSES AND RECOURSES. When Imagination and Recycling become art” at the Spazio Forno in Cernobbio (Como).
  • Organization of the following exhibitions at the Spazio Forno of Cernobbio (Como):

Masters Sculptors from Zimbabwe

Jalal- Fragments from the World

Ubud- Minimalist Expressions

Masks- Gazes from Zanzibar

The path of the ancestors


  • Organization and display of the exhibition “FACES OF AFRICA” at the Spazio Forno of Cernobbio (Como).
  • Collaboration with important societies in the Textiles/Clothes sector as designer and researcher of the new prints.



1996/1998 Sales Assistant at the Show Room Jil Sander - Via Castello n. 2 Milan.

1995/1996 Sales Assistant at the Show Room Gianni Versace - Via Senato n. 28 Milan.

1994/1995 Sales Assistant at the Show Room A. Ferrante - Via Montenapoleone n. 21 Milan.

1987/1993 Fashion Model for the Fashion Agency “WHY NOT” of Milan.

1987 Participation in the competition of Miss Ital